Monday, October 31, 2011


Presently, I am ~

:: blessed that a 2 year old invited me to her birthday party.  When did my own grow up? 

:: using the last of the fresh picked apples for the dutch baby brunch with friends.

:: marveling that Bozeman has no snow, yet all my friends back east do! Strange days, these.

:: anxious to taste the new coconut lemongrass ginger soup Malinda made!  Mouthwatering scent!

:: enjoying Bowerbirds new LP ~ Upper Air.  delightful.

:: laughing.  At, Oh! So many things.  Minda's faces, J's goofy humor, Cassia's dance moves ... & it feels good.

:: trying to psych myself up to finish the Christmas gifts.  If the snow would only fall!  With everything white all around, yes!  I would hunker down.  I just know I would!

:: wondering what to wear to greet the munchkins at the door tonight.

:: amazed at how Minda throws something together from her closet and walks away with the perfect costume.  Photos later.  Christmas pirates will be roving the streets tonight in search of booty for the Food Bank.

:: snickering at my diabolical plan to not be tempted by the handout candy tonight!  Being allergic to chocolate has it's upside!

:: baking pumpkin bars and brewing cider to give the parents of the costumed tots who knock upon our door.

:: loving the fact that my fully grown daughters wanted to carve pumpkins.  Cassia's first time in 21 years!

:: anticipating the company that will be landing later today.  Friends are always such a grand  improvement to my days.

:: planning my monthly menu & grocery shopping trip.  Full cupboards are BEautiful a sight!

:: rediscovering my love for cooking.  Being home again for this season has been lovely, indeed.

:: happy to have my sweaters about me again.  The more, the merrier/cozier/snugglier I am!

:: knitting (that's right, me, knitting), crafting, sewing, and smiling all the while. Praying the recipients do to.

:: hoping you all enjoy your evening of sweets and the sweet ones that accompany them.


James said...

:: kissing - my beautiful wife makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Coconut lemongrass ginger soup? I need that recipe! Beautiful collection of images here.

Eric W said...

Great pics Deea. I really enjoy the ones of the toddler!