Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Down the road

Nothing like hot Co-op soup on a cold day.  J had veggie beef.  Mine was Indian curry.
A short stop at Rockford to grab a mocha (white chocolate coconut) ...
Then out the canyon, listening to J's retro tunes on the iPod.

All these are through the car window at 50+ mph... Autumn is a lovely blurr...
The clouds were lying so low you could only see the foothills.
Willsall.  Nothing was open, so we took pictures instead.

Crazies.  Clouds began to lift a little.

Bridgers,  Headed toward home.
Pause to take more photos of the lowing cattle.

He reminded me so much of one of our horses when I was but a wee lass.  Cherokee .  I learned to ride using the Hackamore on Cherokee.  He was the only one of our horses that used it.
He was rather protective of his beauty.  I can understand why.  She is a charmer.
Thunder Jack wave us on our way.  Clouds almost completely lifted from the Crazies.
But not the Bridgers.
More Autumnal blurr.
Nearly home.  What a delectable drive.  The company was pretty fabulous too.

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