Thursday, September 13, 2012

As of Late, I Am::

Anticipating:: days of sunshine and sand.  J and I are attending the 3DM Sr. leaders retreat in Morro Bay next week!

Listening:: to Rodrigo y Gabriella's freshman release  &

Watching::  NPR's tiny desk concert (my kind of concert - small, quiet, casual . . .)

Making:: Our version of Betty's Salmon Salad (trying to duplicate it, but not quite there yet)

Packing:: packing, packing, packing - because I have more than just the trip to Cali!

Leaving::  Bright and early for Washington and a dear little friend's wedding!

Wearing:: A new ring on my finger.  :)  My wedding ring disappeared from my hand about 4 months ago.  I was going through some of the things my Mama passed along to me and found a ring that fits (teeny-tiny (3 3/4) ring finger)!  So I once again look like a married woman.  Oh Happy Me!

Enjoying::  The onset of this new season.

What are all of you up to as of late?

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