Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Adventure

And what an adventure it was.  
Stephen wanted to be innovative with his wines and the laws of the area of France he was in would not allow him to be so bold.  So, off he set on a world tour to find the great terroir - the elements of earth, air & water that perfect the grape.
Paso Robles won his heart and it shows in these wines!


The Estate Cab Sav was my favorite of the day.  Full mouth experience.  Not jammy or cough syrupy like many of that varietal, with little hints of pepper, bright bits of saffron and warming notes of cloves finishing it leaving you completely enamored.  We struck up an immediate friendship.  :)  Only $80 a bottle... Not their most expensive, but not in my budget either, so, I walked away with just the memory of this enchanting adventure.  Perhaps it is even sweeter in my mind than on my palate.

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