Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summer Skin

I don't recall a single care 
Just greenery and humid air
 Then Labor day came and went 
And we shed what was left of our summer skin 
~Death Cab For Cutie

The days in Morro Bay were chilly.  We (or, rather, I) needed a warmth that penetrated to the bones. Top Dog baristas brewed a fresh pot of Labrador roast that melted the inner iceberg! 
 J couldn't get Huckleberry anywhere in Cali so he had to settle for Raspberry most of the time.  Poor fella.  Montana has spoiled him.
 Morro has a ton of cute shops and art sculptures.  This little guy greeted us when we got out of the car for coffee.

 Our friends, Eric and Lisa, had arranged a wine tasting tour for later in the day in Paso Robles(1/2 hour inland from Morro).  I finally got to shed my jacket for the first time since stepping off the plane in Cali.  It was divine!
E&L filled us in on all the history and interesting trivia about the wines and wineries as we went along.  It was a beautiful, winding, drive to our first stop at Tablas Creek .  The vinters specialize in Rhone Style wines in Paso.  Meaning they are grapes grown in the Rhone Valley in France.  The single varietals I tasted here were not my favorites though, my favorites were the blends!  The Mourvedre, Couniose, Grenache, Syrah blend to be precise!

 John was our Sommelier.  He had a great story about why he became one.  
 Tablas is a small, family owned and run vineyard!  I love that!  In fact, nearly every vineyard we visited this trip was an unpretentious, grassroots, kin run operation.

Next E&L whisked us off the L'Aventure winery where I fell in love with a wine totally outta my league.  (Every wine there was outta my league - how much do I love that I get to say I've had them though?!)  They're my next post!

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Oh, some of your photos aren't displaying for me for some reason! I'm happy I can see enough of them to know you had a delightful, beautiful trip!