Monday, September 10, 2012

Just a Jaunt

J called Saturday morning from work to ask if I'd like to get away for a night to a cabin in Big Sky.  We had purchased 3 nights @ the 320 Guest Ranch through Seize The Deal almost a year ago and had one night left!  I jumped up & down, just a bit, and gave him a big "yes!"
(remember my list?  I told you he wasted no time in getting started :) )
Big Sky is only half an hour from us.  It gives us the feeling we are going on a road trip with the advantage of not feeling anomalous or that we are afflicted with mal de debarquement syndrome, like we need to regain our 'sea legs' when we first step on firm ground after miles and hours of stretching road.
 He was able to come home and pick me up earlier than we planned, so we got to drive the canyon in daylight / SUNshine!
 We stopped for coffees.  He gets his double sweet (full white chocolate, full shots huckleberry) :}  This chica sips her java black these days, so his sounds slightly coma inducing...
 The city has been surrounded by smoke from the forest fires.  It invokes allergies, and means drastically less outdoor activity but it sure makes for some dreamy scenery.

 We arrived at the ranch just in time to unpack and have dinner.

 It may not look like much but scrumptiousness awaits inside!
The only downfall to dining on a ranch is that they play country music...  Almost enough to make me lose my appetite. Almost.
 We were the only ones in the dining room for little while.  We didn't mind, the view out the window (and across the table) was more delicious than the food!
 I remembered to take a picture before it was gone!  Piping hot button shrooms in cabernet and coconut oil glaze!  YUM!
 I didn't get anymore photos the whole time we were there!
 In the morning we went to the complimentary buffet where J found the source of all bacon and took full advantage of it.  There was frost covering the entirety of the outside world.  J turned on the heated seats for the first time in months!  Hot coffee was moved to the top of the docket for the day's plans.
Heading back we talked of our future, of what the past 6 years (living in this amazing place) have taught us, of friends, and family, and grace.
It was just right, this little, last minute jaunt.
Thank you, Handsome.

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