Sunday, September 02, 2012

Lately I'm ::

watching :: Wives & Daughters (again) . . . I wish I had Molly's aerie (where she stashes her treasures & and sits to read & looks out upon her beloved world).  What a lovely heart she has.

smiling :: at this line - "you told me I was like the Dead Sea.  you'll never sink when you are with me. The nicest thing ever said to me. I was born, born to be your Dead Sea."  The Lumineers 

enjoying :: 'window' shopping here.

making :: out the grocery list. Smaller without all the mouths to feed round here.

waiting :: for the arrival of friends for a Sunday luncheon.

nibbling :: radishes. radishes. radishes.

reading :: a single standing book by the author of a favorite series (Green Knowe). Nothing Said by LM Boston.  a short, sweet trip through wonder.

listening :: to Of Monsters and Men album - My Head is an Animal. Over & Over.  It's an ongoing love affair. more here.

planning :: on purchasing these for the flights coming up.

dreaming :: of Autumn.  Chunky sweaters, geese flying south, tall boots, leaves turning, cinnamon, fires, apple crisp!  mmmmmmmm. . .

adoring :: this fella I'm married to.  surprising, goofy, handsome, kind . . . delicious :)

wishing :: for some new kicks.  These (pillar box red), these (since I was in 7th grade!), these (comfy in black)OR these , these and these in particular.

wondering :: what this first week without any children will be like.

What are you and yours up to lately?

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...iph... said...

Gaaaah, your photo of the radishes is absolutely gorgeous! How lush.

It has to be so strange to have a childless house for the first time in so long--and as you said, the last time you were without children, you were a completely different person. I know there's an inevitable sense of loss there--but I hope it proves to be primarily a time for great reawakenings and rediscovering.