Friday, September 28, 2012


 We realized pretty quickly that the previous days of meetings and friends had taken a lot out of us. At breakfast, as we talked about the plans for the day we knew what we really needed was some more sleep and down time, so we stuck close to the B&B for activities.
Our first stop was Claiborne & Churchill winery.  Elizabeth, the owner's daughter, was our sommelier.  We liked her instantly.   Knowledgable, witty, happy, and kind.
 I love hearing how dreams and visions come to pass.  These vinters had no idea what they were doing when they began and now have a thriving vineyard, a solid presence in the industry and wines that are some of the best I've ever tasted.
 I'm not a white wine fan most of the time but here I liked 3 of the 4 I tasted.  Their Dry
Gewürztraminer may be getting ordered for Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  
 Here are a couple other things I loved about this little winery: They use no yeast, no oak, and still hand harvest their own vines!  Elizabeth made sure we knew they didn't stomp them with their feet though.
 She tried hard to make me a Pinot Noir believer, but I am still not impressed by them.  Noir grows well in Edna Valley's perfect conditions, so this area is a high producer of the touchy, finicky grape.  I had 9 different Noirs over our 3 day stay and not one made me want more - most got poured out.
 Our next stop (on the way back to the B&B for a nap) was Baileyana.  I had read about their Zucker label and wanted to see if it lived up to it's reviews.
 We tried several on the tasting list but, sure enough, The Zucker Gruner Veltliner was the winner!  We bought 2 bottles!  Sparkly and bright.  We sipped it chilled with strawberries I bought at Farmers' Market.
J took a nap and I read and took photos at the B&B while he did.  When he woke we headed into SLO to a restaurant that Elizabeth had recommended for a late lunch.

 It was such a peaceful setting with the creek flowing by and the trees shading us.  I told J if I lived in SLO I would spend a lot of time on that patio.  It's a little oasis.

Back at the B&B we watched Snow White and the Huntsman on the laptop and went to sleep early.  Tomorrow we would return to the seashore.

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