Thursday, September 27, 2012


J had arranged for us to spend some time in the San Luis Obispo area after our leaders retreat was over.  I have to say, at first I wasn't very excited.  I really wanted to see the ocean and spend time there, but his wisdom won out.  He moved me inland for warmth and kept me close to the seaside so we could visit, then head back to the warmth!!  Such a smart man.  We had lunch on the boardwalk in Morro then headed to our B&B in SLO.
When we arrived we found out that there would be a farmers market downtown that evening!!  Wahooo! I love markets! So off we went to find a good parking spot and sample the local fare.

A fabulous local musician welcomed us with "Wonderful World" and sang us back to our car as the sun disappeared.
We walked hand in hand past produce that seemed to be grown in Canaan by giants!  It was Gorgeous!
(remember when I told you my camera was having issues - well, it's intermittent and it chose our walk through the market to have it's issues raise their ugly head.  None of the photos are clear. Grrr.)
 J loves candy shoppes and I have to admit that, even though I don't partake, they are cheery and fun.

He really wanted a candy apple, but we hadn't had dinner.  So off we strolled to find food!
 My love languages are gifts and quality time - but 3rd might be sushi :)  If someone were to say, oh maybe, buy me sushi as a gift and stay to eat it and make me laugh while we did, I would love them instantly.  That happened to be just what J did.
California roll in California!  Avocado, rice, radish, crispy fried onions, cilantro and lime soaked cucumber!!  Be still my heart!
J was lured over to this booth:
where the proprietor was chanting, "If you like the name, you'll love the noodles!"  He took the bait.

We sat on the front stoop of quaint little shop and watched people enjoying themselves, eating our noodles and sushi, listening to distant music, laughing at the antics of children and absorbing the moments.  
Awwwww.  What a perfect beginning to our personal retreat.

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