Monday, September 24, 2012

To Morro, To Morro, & Tomorrow

 A gathering of like minds and hearts called us to Morro Bay, California this past week.  Missional leaders and their wives came together for a time of being refreshed and inspired, encouraged and empowered.
 The morning we left Montana was covered in a thick frost.  2.5 hours later we were in a land covered in flowers.  This is truly an age of wonders.
 I noticed when we pulled into the Inn at Morro Bay that there was this nag tree covered in nests - by evening the Cormorants arrived!
 Our room was on the water!  Even more exciting was the fireplace that made my ocean winds-swept body toasty and happy again!  It may have been sunny and 70, but my goosebumps told the real feel.

 Sorry about the blur.  We were in a hurry and I was just trying to capture the way it looked when I first saw it.  Our deck.  Morro Rock to the right.
 The next morning I was up to catch the view as the day dawned on the harbor.

 Pelicans already after their breakfast.
 I love the stillness of morning.  Nothing like it.  Feeds my soul.
I'll be posting more about our time over the next few days.  This was a much needed get away for us.  Sunshine and no responsibilities.  Almost heaven.  :)


Sara said...

Oh Morro. My favorite. Did you find the lovely coffee shop and sweet little co-op with the deli in the back. Yummy yum yum. LOVE your photos. And love you. *ps. thank you for the sweet package!!*

...iph... said...

This looks so peaceful. So glad you had a restorative getaway.

Deeapaulitan said...

It didn't have everything in it I wanted to send, but I had put off sending it long enough. :) Hope it was a delight in it's simplicity.
I did next to nothing downtown in Morro. It was cute and I would have loved to, but we were on a schedule and I was feeling puny. Next time maybe ...
Love you!