Wednesday, December 26, 2007

07 Ornaments

Minda is really into Elephants this year. She put some as decoration in her room when she redesigned it and has decided they are the most wonderful creatures on the planet.
We had a bear in our neighborhood this year and in our front yard several times. James and I also got to take a weekend and get away for the first time in YEARS, so this seemed appropriate as a memento of 2007.
Cassia loves to sit and watch the snow fall. She thrills when she wakes up to it freshly fallen. I got her a snowglobe ornament so she can watch it whenever!
Tof is our guitarist. He also began drums this year, but I couldn't find a drummer ornament. Again, with our yearling bear, our move to Montana and the instrument, this seemed the perfect memento.
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Christmas Day Begins

Tof wrapped in last year's present from Grama and Grampa,
Cassia snuggled in my afagan crocheted by my Grama Orr when I was a little girl...
Minda -still waking up...
James bringing our hearts into focus...
more below...
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Christmas 2007 continues

Grama's traditional Christmas breakfast! Casserole, pears and cinnamon bread with OJ and coffee!

The girls recieved cashmere scarves from Scotland from Grama and Grampa! Tof got a heater for his room. We'll all be warmer this winter!

Cassia took shots of Cricket in her holiday finery ~ America's Next Top Model material I think!!
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Children Tucked, All Snug...

Children Tucked All Snug..., originally uploaded by efiw.

The girls decided to sleep under the Christmas tree last night. Just goes to show you that the magic of Christmas never fades!

Friday, December 21, 2007

While I Was Away

I thought I'd catch you up on some of the goings-on from the "death of the modem" time.
Cassia turned 18! ...

We made special treats for Nimablo...

Decorated our Old Faithful tree....

The girls had "Sister Day".
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Hope all your Christmas preparations are coming to a close and that you all are able to relax and enjoy your families!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home on the Range

Home on the Range, originally uploaded by efiw.

Much has happened in the last 3 weeks. The main thing being that our modem decided it had worked long enough and was ready for the trash heap. That also meant that we were without internet for weeks.
When we were back up and running I had so much to catch up on that I couldn't sit down to blog.
Now, however, all the Christmas letters (150 this year - wowza!) have been written, copied, folded, stamped and mailed and there is a lull in the activity around here.
Saturday James asked me to run away with him for a few days. :o)
He took me to a wonderful B&B in Livingston where we not only got some much needed connection time with eachother, but also made some new friends!
We spent 2 days lounging, wandering, eating and a few other things we won't go into on this blog :o)
I must thank Pastor Mark for imparting the suggestion to James. And thanks, Babe, for whisking me away and making me feel so cherished. I love you.