Monday, October 31, 2011


Presently, I am ~

:: blessed that a 2 year old invited me to her birthday party.  When did my own grow up? 

:: using the last of the fresh picked apples for the dutch baby brunch with friends.

:: marveling that Bozeman has no snow, yet all my friends back east do! Strange days, these.

:: anxious to taste the new coconut lemongrass ginger soup Malinda made!  Mouthwatering scent!

:: enjoying Bowerbirds new LP ~ Upper Air.  delightful.

:: laughing.  At, Oh! So many things.  Minda's faces, J's goofy humor, Cassia's dance moves ... & it feels good.

:: trying to psych myself up to finish the Christmas gifts.  If the snow would only fall!  With everything white all around, yes!  I would hunker down.  I just know I would!

:: wondering what to wear to greet the munchkins at the door tonight.

:: amazed at how Minda throws something together from her closet and walks away with the perfect costume.  Photos later.  Christmas pirates will be roving the streets tonight in search of booty for the Food Bank.

:: snickering at my diabolical plan to not be tempted by the handout candy tonight!  Being allergic to chocolate has it's upside!

:: baking pumpkin bars and brewing cider to give the parents of the costumed tots who knock upon our door.

:: loving the fact that my fully grown daughters wanted to carve pumpkins.  Cassia's first time in 21 years!

:: anticipating the company that will be landing later today.  Friends are always such a grand  improvement to my days.

:: planning my monthly menu & grocery shopping trip.  Full cupboards are BEautiful a sight!

:: rediscovering my love for cooking.  Being home again for this season has been lovely, indeed.

:: happy to have my sweaters about me again.  The more, the merrier/cozier/snugglier I am!

:: knitting (that's right, me, knitting), crafting, sewing, and smiling all the while. Praying the recipients do to.

:: hoping you all enjoy your evening of sweets and the sweet ones that accompany them.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Remember these?
They became this...

 And then this... :)
These awaited...

While these were prepared ...
And now they wait for winter nachos and maybe some enchiladas, or  even ... a surprise.  
After all... verde is the MUTHA of all sauces.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Down the road

Nothing like hot Co-op soup on a cold day.  J had veggie beef.  Mine was Indian curry.
A short stop at Rockford to grab a mocha (white chocolate coconut) ...
Then out the canyon, listening to J's retro tunes on the iPod.

All these are through the car window at 50+ mph... Autumn is a lovely blurr...
The clouds were lying so low you could only see the foothills.
Willsall.  Nothing was open, so we took pictures instead.

Crazies.  Clouds began to lift a little.

Bridgers,  Headed toward home.
Pause to take more photos of the lowing cattle.

He reminded me so much of one of our horses when I was but a wee lass.  Cherokee .  I learned to ride using the Hackamore on Cherokee.  He was the only one of our horses that used it.
He was rather protective of his beauty.  I can understand why.  She is a charmer.
Thunder Jack wave us on our way.  Clouds almost completely lifted from the Crazies.
But not the Bridgers.
More Autumnal blurr.
Nearly home.  What a delectable drive.  The company was pretty fabulous too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When I got my phone back in July, I noticed the case of a friend of mine in England.  She had ordered it through a company in Portland, Or.  Mine (above) is no longer available, but there are a ton to choose from.

I've been jonsin' for these for a few years now...
My last pair of slippers gave up the ghost last year (along with the Christmas tree we've had from 20+ years!), so now I am back to trying to justify the price of these!

A good friend of mine has one of these and it is so lovely.  I like nearly all the colors, but my favorites are the aqua, cream, pumpkin, and gray!

I could eat these non-stop.  Just the right amount of saltiness, thick enough to stand up to hummus or 'we can't say it's cheese', and gluten free / yeast free!

My friend Lisa sent me an invite to join this place a little over a month ago.  I don't spend as much time as some do with their pinning of things to their bulletin boards, but I immensely enjoy finding something and knowing I can "put a pin in that"!

My little sister, Anna, had these & I fell in love.  I just bought some in July at the REI garage sale and could barely wait for cool weather to hit so I could wear them!  Waterproof, rugged, comfy.

Winter is about to hit.  It's frosty in the mornings, there is snow on the mountain tops ... it won't be long now.  I don't have the kneehighs, and don't really want them, but the mid-calf and low ones I LIVE in.  They are worth the pretty pennies I've paid!  Every year a pair or two wear out and are replaced.  Their patterns, the smoothness, & warmth - unbeatable! 

3 bags have been purchased and I am holding off opening them until the snow comes.  They are so bad for me.  I don't eat candy through out the year.  The only sugar is in my coffee in the morning.  And that is just where these go!

Malinda and I discovered these at Starbucks on our trips back and forth to WA to take care of my Mama.  We just recently found them in larger packages where Cassia works at the Natural Market.  We were SO excited.  Pace yourself, Deea.
No added sugars, gluten free, and chewy!

I've been a fan of Kinkolk for about 6 months.  It's an online magazine about small, intimate gatherings.  In my dreams my home is like the ones depicted in their pictures and stories.  I love the styling, the colors, the feel ... Wish I knew how to achieve it with greater accuracy. Practice, and lots of stories and pictures, I hope.

We are having an homemade Christmas this year and it is pushing me to try all kinds of new crafts.  Not that I object.  This is one that I am really excited about becoming more skilled at!
What about you guys?  What are you loving right now?

Monday, October 24, 2011

saturday - sunday

 Emerson - Winter market
 New artist at Tart - wished we could have bought nearly every piece!
 Cloud Nine Farms eggs. 
last of the fresh raspberries this year, but I may be collecting some of their leaves for an arrangement!  Beautiful!
  I baked apple cinnamon muffins. Minda made spring rolls.
watched Bill again.  I love his smile.
 my own mouth was curved into a smile for most of the weekend.  friends were in abundance. so were hugs, and encouragement, and food, and stories... and time to enjoy it all.
Blessed by this life I get to live and the others who encourage me to live it to the fullest.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,” Jobs said. “Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

-Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011