Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hope your weekend is relaxed and sweet.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Agenda

√ List:

√* Slice meats and cheeses for Sandwich Bar Party

√* Plate all condiments and slice watermelon

√* Dishes

√* Clean Cricket's ears, Clip her nails, 
and brush out her coat

√* Vacuum up 
the hairy mess she'll leave behind

√* Greet friends with cold beers, 
or frosty glasses of iced tea

*Watch Prince of Egypt 
while eating above said sandwiches
and sipping said refreshments.

√* Skype with Tofer 

√* Go for photowalk 
as the sun sets in the west
(photo walk ended at the back porch... Oh well, maybe tomorrow)

What does your Sunday agenda look like?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Love in the Middle of Nowhere

Kelly gave me the honor of photographing her wedding.  Just a sampling..

Home Coming

Julie and Drake made their way back to Bozeman this week (Bob "got stuck with" stand up paddle boarding out on the lake)!  And right on their heels came Tofer and Malinda and Sarah!  Can you say full house?!!  Wahooo!  Merriment, hilarity, & mirth ensued!
 We spent the Fourth out at Scott and Sadie's.  They roasted a pig, we played bags, ate watermelon salsa, listened to the band get funky & made some new friends. 
 J had Friday off and we headed for Lewis Clark Caverns State Park.  It was a hot day and perfect for going underground - once we hiked the 2 miles (a 300 foot gain at a decent incline) to the entrance.
Definitely worth it!  Such a fascinating 2 hour tour.
We needed that hike, too!  We ate like royalty all week.  Crab Stuffed Portobellas & Springroll salad, Sushi & Yaki Soba, Watermelon salsa & Sadie's green salsa, Tacos, Steaks, Salmon & Yukon gold potatoes, Pear & pine nut salad, & Black eyed pea salad ... Oh, yah - we like to eat!
Every day there were card games or a bit of Balderdash, Bags competitions, wine sipping, music & telling stories. 
We always come away from weeks like this completely spent but so full of gratefulness and joy.