Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a Visit (& if you think I photo bombed the last post...)

J's little sister's family came for a long, cozy visit.  We love our family so much, but our lives just don't intersect often.  It's sad, but it makes it so very sweet when they finally do have the chance to come together.  Here's a peek at our time amidst the chilly April days.

 Off to the library for some reading materials!

 And then to the dino park to get some energy out!


 MSU duckies

 backyard with Nuncle




some Fam shots

 Yellowstone (all Cassia's pics here!)

 and then it was time to go home... :(  but there was time for one last story before hitting the road.
 We'll see them again in June!  Pretty exciting to get to see them 2 times in less than a year!

Love these people!  LOVE them!