Friday, July 08, 2011

Questions and Answers

1. What do you want most out of life? 
Adventure and security, time without demands on it, a settled home where roots can go deep.

2. What do you want to see happen in the world? 
For the US dollar to be worth so much that it makes it easy for me to see the rest of the world.  For human trafficing to be forever abolished; For children to be safe and cherished. 

3. What makes you special? 
Nothing really.  Anything of value in me is because of Jesus.

4. Things I can do/am capable of doing right now.
  Being aware of the great graces and blessings of this life I lead.  Cherishing moments and days.  Capturing beauty both with heart and lens.  Smiling even though it deepens wrinkles and exposes crooked, & missing teeth.  Letting others know they are loved, wanted, & unique.  Choosing joy.