Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How much would you pay?


Hardwood floors, freshly painted, nice landscaping, some new appliances, New roof, new doors, forced heat and air, lodge stove, fenced back yard, enclosed shop area.

What would you pay?

I wonder how much it costs to move an entire house to Montana?

While I'm asking questions... why do we wait until we are selling to make our homes look so good? Why do we put things off so long?

I'm enjoying it while I can.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Big Picture Friday

Had to get away from boxes, paint, and work for awhile. James took me to Summer Falls. Autumn was coming.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Mystery That Once Was Hidden...

I'm so glad I get to tell you now!!
I was about to burst!
Many of you already know, but there are some yet who don't.

Let me begin this way...
Long ago a vision was born in the heart of a man who had no hair on his chest.
There were days when the vision burned brightly, and days when it blurred.
As the man grew older and chest hair began to grow, the vison sometimes seemed distant -
A hazed desire, an ellusive dream.
Still the chest hair flourished, and years turned into a decade.
Then out of Heaven a sound was heard ~ the ring of a cell phone.
The hairy chested man answered the call.
Life would change forever. The dream was given breath!

There you have it! That was my secret! I'm so glad I got that out of my system.

We're MOVING! Bozeman, MT. Full time ministry, Baby! Yeah!
We're so excited!
Please be praying for us, and if I don't post often don't give up on me!
God is so incredible. James may go into more detail on his blog - I don't want to spoil it for you. Click on ADVANCING on the side bar!
WOO HOO! Rejoice with us! WOO HOO!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Have a Secret

I can't tell you. It wouldn't be a secret. But, ohhhh, I really want to! It's big, biG, bIG!!! You would squeal with glee and clap your hands if you knew. I dare not even whisper it yet ~ but soon, I promise!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tagged by The Queen

Queen Shenaynay over at the Beehive tagged us with the 5 thing meme. Here Goes:

5 Things in My Refrigerator~
White Cranberry Peach juice (organic)
Master's Tonic (a Winky Pratney lifesaver)
No less than 8 different kinds of cheese (Pooh has his honey, we have our cheese)
Fresh batches of homemade pico de gayo & guac (nearly gone)
10 tomatoes fresh picked from the garden

5 Things in My Closet~
6 Purses (seasonal accents)
1 cashmere sweater (I'm hoping to build a collection - you have to start somewhere!)
8 pair of shoes (we just rotated the summer flops out for the winter loafers)
Treasure box from my childhood (driftwood, snail shells, a locket, photos, etc...)
books (stacked, piled, standing, catawompas)

5 Things in My Purse/Backpack~
My favorite pen ( a lovely little number from the Doubletree Hotel)
Rosebud Salve
three sets of keys on Korean keychains
My Jackie-O sunglasses
nail clippers

5 Things in My Car~
emergency kit (never used- unopened in the 5 years it has been with me)
Phone book
on audio: James Taylor collection, Scott Kripayne, MP3's of Jackson Brown, Leeland, a Tim Keller sermon, and Mercy Me
Local latte stand punchcards
Ibuprofen (James' stash for his rotater cuff injury)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Difference

Sometimes it amazes me how God gets my attention.
I found myself amongst strangers this week.
I had never met any of them before, never spoke to them, typed them an email
or had them post to my blog.
We were, in every sense, foreigners.
I was in their midst for around 4 days. In that period of time I determined
in my own heart to give each one of them what I had of God and
recieve from them what God had for me.
I found myself enjoying each interaction. I saw my heart strings being knit
to theirs. Laughter bubbled. Tears flowed unashamedly. Talk was incessant.
My last day surrounded by them, a passage was quoted, a point made. "We want to leave our mark. Our ability to leave our mark only becomes
attainable when we live for a larger story." Dan Nagel
"The biggest lie I have tried to overcome is that this life is about me." Donald Miller ~ Blue like Jazz
The reason why 'life' was breathed into the occasions and
moments was simply that. Life was given
breathing space.
God left His mark on me.