Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Accidents Happen

Minda accidentally made herself a hat.
She set out to make a carrier/cover for her Kleen Kanteen with wool. Her plan was to make it larger and then felt it, but when she saw just how big she was making it, she tried it on and decided to finish it as a beenie instead!
She's so remarkably talented. Trying new things doesn't seem the least bit daunting to her. She now knows how to knit with 4 needles (+) and has decided to make herself a hat for Israel out of the softest yarn I have ever felt in my life, spun from the fiber of sugar cane.
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Provision and Wellbeing

Since we moved we have been table-less.  Our table, that I loved, was ruined in our original move to Bozeman and we have been borrowing tables ever since.  For a few weeks we were sitting at the hearth or with our plates on our laps or having indoor picnics on blankets on the floor.  I'd been looking on Craigslist, but with the beginning of 2 businesses (J's and mine), 'free' was our price limit.  We do a lot of hosting, so we really need someplace to sit and eat.  Just when I was about to break down and buy something, anything, Tony & Ava called to ask if we'd like a picnic table for our little yard.  *SQUEE*!!  Yes, but we'd like it for our dining room even more!
Eventually we will sand it and paint it, but for now Minda put a yardage of fabric on it and we are enjoying having a place to gather for meals.

On top of that, this week Cassia and I began our Annual Green Smoothie Challenge.  I do it longer than 30 days (all summer is what I aim for) because I love it so much!  I'm so excited to be back at it!  I can't do it in the winter when there are mountains of snow but as soon as the days grew warm (for more than 3 in a row) my body said, "Now!"  The challenge is easy.  And, though I know they look unappetizing, they are delicious!  Great way to get kids to eat their veggies too! Here is a link to Sara's blog post on it (rather than me try to rewrite it all).

Let me know if you decide to do the challenge this year!  You won't regret it if you do! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picture Me, Happy

    After months of looking, applying, interviewing (not to mention taking classes and obtaining new skills) yet not being hired I began to believe I was very unwanted.  While praying about it all, feeling the pressure of bills and knowing our living situation was coming to an end I was feeling rather stressed when a friend took me to coffee.  Jess said 3 simple words to me.  "What about photography?"  I have always wanted to try to make this pastime that I love into more than a hobby, but have never lept into the seeming abyss of owning a small business.  The nagging awareness that maybe I was supposed to be taking that leap was confirmed in Jess' question.  Every time I turned around after that a friend would say, "Why aren't you doing this full time?", or "Deea, you have a gift, use it to draw an income and not just pleasure."  So - after continued prayer, much trepidation, and ongoing encouragement from friends and family, I'd like to announce the launch of :

Lifestyle and Relationship Photography.
Come visit the new site, tell me what you think and call me to set up a session.
Thank you to all who have encouraged me along the way, and who continue to be in my corner.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Earthday - 20 reasons to care about our enviorment

left to right
Fairy's Eye View (forest floor), Into the Matchstick Forest (hike), (top) Panarama (clear views), (bottom) Camp Fire (natual resources for us to use), (top) Wild Grasses, (bottom) Pure Rain, (top)Madison ( fishing), (bottom) Watchers (observing habitat), Ahhh! (walk in the woods), Oosle (unadulterated falls and mountain streams), (lft) Sunset, (rt) Forest, (below) Ride! (biking trails), Tree Swinger (enjoying the fresh air), Snow Caps (means water and green months ahead), Doe (wildlife), Camp (away from the hustle and bustle), Meadow & Mead (wildflowers), Downstream (clean rivers), The Beauty Of It All.
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One Day Without Shoes!

Going Barefoot So They Don't Have To!!
Yesterday was not a pretty day to be shoeless and sockless - but we did it!  For all of you who don't know about TOMS and their ministry of One for One to kids around the globe, go check them out!  Thanks to all of you who participated to raise awareness of the diseases kids suffer needlessly - for a simple lack of shoes. 

We are finally moved and I'll be more regularly posting again!  Thanks for you patience.