Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ya Gotta Get Up, Ya Gotta Get Up....

It's Christmas Morning!
God is so faithful to me. Even in my lack, He brings joy and sweetness to this day.
The kids woke one by one. I had been up for an hour before the first one peeped around the corner. I woke James with coffee. Sleepy smiles, hugs & kisses ensued.
It was just what I needed.
We had our time of gifts. Then we drew, played and napped before heading to Pastor Steven's and Stacey's for dinner and games.
I love being in th grip of the grace of God!
Here's some highlights!!
Pastor James at candlelight service.
Santa left one of his Reindeer outside my bedroom window!
Called up ~ They wait til we get cocoa made and James Taylor crooning out the carols.
Huh? Oh!
Stocking goodies are always a favorite!
Grama Judy's traditional breakfast! Christmas Casserole (sausage, eggs, cheese), pear halves, cinnamin bread, & OJ! Couldn't have our first Christmas away from them without bringing them into our celebration somehow.

Tofer rolls the butt, Minda takes the midriff & Cassia goes for the cranium!

Team Montana and the Hallelujah! Snowman!

What a fun holiday we had!

(I have been trying for several days to post this, but blogger wasn't cooperating... Sorry it took so long.)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fa La La La La La

This is as far as we have gotten with Christmas this year. With the saga of selling a house, having just moved into our new home, losing my Daddy suddenly & traveling back for his memorial service, the movers leaving my mixing bowls and baking stones behind, and the general lack of funds that goes along with moving - we haven't bought a single gift, baked a single cookie or pie, or sent out a single card. Getting into the Spirit of it all is alluding me.

We're done with school tomorrow until next Wednesday.

I'm amazed, and a bit bugged, at how much of who I am is still wrapped up in what I do. My lack of organization, getting things done, or writing our fun, snappy Christmas letter ~ is affecting how I feel about the Salvation of God coming to earth. I can't see past my own exhaustion and loss.

This is so much harder than I thought it would be.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pictures of Home

"Home" - Great Word ~ Great Feeling ...

Posted by Picasa We are unpacked! We are feeling settled! Friends are beginning to trickle in regularly! These windows hold the most breathtaking view of the Bitteroot Range!

The house is older. We kinda love its odd quirks though!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Home at Last

In our front yard Wednesday Morning!
It seems magical, this whole idea of coming into a Calling. As if it should only be a dream, or like you are playing and it will all end when you are called for dinner.
Being in Montana and waking up to a world covered in white, and more snow softly falling helps with that etherial feeling.
Furthr add to the equation the fact that we are in a home that overlooks the Gallatin Valley, with the Bitteroot Range and the Tetons beyond that and I become just plain overwhelmed.
BUT it doesn't end there. God called us to a people who love us. He has given us opportunity both to give and be given into. We have been embraced. We have been esteemed. We have been humbled. It is no small thing when you find yourself in the center of God's palm.

I need to be there. In the midst of all the blessing and fulfillment, I was blindsided.
My Daddy died. It was sudden. Unexpected.
Life seems so odd. To be living when others aren't - can't. It would be so much easier if it all ended at once. Yet life is good.
There is still a song sung over me. His song. Undeserved, but lilting and enveloping, ... and carrying.
We are expecting friends soon. Christmas and it's celebration of hope and it's gift of life are coming on their heels.
Life is without Daddy ~ But not without Papa. God is a Father to the Fatherless. That is me now. He sets the solitary into family. This solitary daughter has found family and home in Montana - set into it by a loving Papa.