Monday, July 29, 2013

Counting fish...

There is a story in the Bible of a long night spent fishing and bone weary fishermen who hear from a man on shore that they should cast one more time... they do and can barely pull in the net. It doesn't tear, even though it should.  I was reminded this morning by Ann that that wasn't the whole story.  The part of the story that most skip right over is that there were 153 fish.  Someone counted them.  Then the man on shore called for them to come and eat. And because they had counted the fish, and because the net hadn't torn, and because it all came about after a long night of casting and hauling in nothing, they didn't even question who the man at the edge of the water with breakfast on the fire was.  They. Just. Knew.   Only one gives grace like that.  

Yesterday J & I had errands to run.  He prodded me to count the fish.  To look for and tally the graces.  

Here are a few that we have snagged after what has felt like a very long night of casting:

friendship.  long. enduring. deep. easy.

familiar.  knowing. rooted. peace. understanding.

 family.  belonging. security. cherish. solace.

feats.  neo-Hobbits. feather-ruffling. provision. fulfilling.

findings.  question. enchantments. encounter. thrive.

fella.  weather. strength. flame. smooth.  :D

Six, & counting... grace upon grace. Net growing heavy, yet it will not tear.
Count with me.  What graces are your nets so full of that you can barely haul them aboard?

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